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Cover of Rank Amateurs
Rank Amateurs
Levels 1–3
15 pages

This module is made for humanoid monster PCs created with GAZ10 (The Orcs of Thar Gazetteer). That module is required to play through this adventure. The players start in the village of Flooshpragh, which acts as the horde center for the Rude Mongrel tribe of goblinoid races. Unknown to the players, the tribe has grown unmanagebly large, and the chief has marked the players as expendable individuals! Many subtle clues exist throughout the module to clue the players into this betrayal. The adventure proceeds through a town with roleplaying opportunities, a tower dungeon, and finishes by the players unknowingly pranking a human wizard.

Cover of Eye of Doom
Eye of Doom
Levels 6–10
36 pages

After hiring a group of brave adventurers to help him "acquire" a beholder specimen, the mage Velinax disappears! Rumors blame an insidious thieves' guild called the Unblinking Eye for this turn of events. Why would the Unblinking Eye wish to "take care" of the mage? Why does the guild want to speak to anyone involved with Velinax? Finally, what dark goal does the guild truly intend to accomplish? Finding out the answers to these questions will lead doughty adventurers straight through the shadows of a crafty thieves' guild and onto the threshold of an even deeper and more dangerous darkness. "Eye of Doom" is the second of three adventures featuring the nightmarish beholder. It can be played as an individual mission or as part of the series that began with "Eye of Pain" and concludes in "Eye to Eye."

Cover of The House of Deros
The House of Deros
5 pages

The isolated tower of the wizard Deros Frist is an example of a typical tsochari incursion into the human world. This short adventure site describes the lair of a tsochar noble that has successfully replaced Frist, a local wizard of some renown. The tsochar Yikk Tasst now pores through the wizard's libraries and spell books, eagerly absorbing all the arcane lore it can.

Cover of NC9 - Archipelago of Tyr
NC9 - Archipelago of Tyr
5th Edition
Level 6
23 pages

Far north of the Denali homeland is the Archipelago of Tyr and home to dangerous seafarers. Tyr is well-known as the land of the Minotaur that does allow some foreigners to visit albeit with less than perfect hospitality. Originally used as a one-shot with the Denali campaign characters, King Pellet sent the party north to investigate a trade deal and look into reports of some type of incendiary weapon…

Cover of Domain of the Emerald Queen
Domain of the Emerald Queen
5th Edition
Levels 4–6
8 pages

The only requirement for this dungeon is a heavily forested area, meaning it can be dropped into just about any world. It ties in heavily with Fey creatures so I suggest a hook regarded some ancient relic hidden away by the Fey that must now be retrieved. Perhaps the former ruler had an agreement with the ones who hid this relic away, but a new ruler has taken the seat of the Emerald Queen and all agreements have been terminated.

Bestiary of Dragons and Giants
Levels 1–30
75 pages

Red dragons. Storm giants. Dragon rulers. Frost giants. They're all here, in this book, in complete, ready-to-play mini-adventures. No matter what level your characters are, there is something here for you (and them). Need a diversion? Want to spice up a long running campaign? Want to play, but don't have more than an hour or so? This is the book for your gaming group. As DM, you have everything you'll need to play right at your finger* tips. As players, you'll have challenges worthy of your characters. This book has something for everyone.

Cover of Hrothgar's Resting Place
Hrothgar's Resting Place
Unknown Edition
Levels 4–7
6 pages

From the magazine: "If the book is to believed, there's a magical sword - completely unguarded! - ripe for the taking." This short adventure starts with the players finding a diary describing the final resting place of Hrothgar and his powerful intelligent sword. In a quest for the sword, the players investigate a small cavern system and find the sword in a gelatinous cube.

Cover of Bahamut's Shame
Bahamut's Shame
4th Edition
Level 21
6 pages

As the story goes, worshipers of Bahamut and worshipers of Gruumsh spent years warring. As the dead piled up, a Bahamut faithful crafted a weapon of devastating power. Most of the inventor’s peers balked at its use, but some felt it was justified. Those few who used the weapon were twisted into mad, dark beings by its corrupting power. The rest of Bahamut’s flock locked them and the weapon away in a dungeon prison. The dungeon and its terrible secret were long forgotten—until a group of rakshasas happened across the ancient tale. Now they seek the weapon for their own designs.

Cover of Shut-In
Level 2
11 pages

An elusive killer is leaving a trail of noble blood across the city. When the PCs are recruited to protect an influential spinster, they discover that more is afoot at Dromdal House than anyone suspects. In fact, they may be the ones who need protection, from their aging ward. A D&D adventure for 2nd-level characters.

Cover of Bloodwood of the Cruor Circle
Bloodwood of the Cruor Circle
5th Edition
Level 10
4 pages

"Bloodwood of the Cruor Circle" is an alseid and blood hag lair suitable for four or five 10th-level characters. This adventure can be completed in a single session. The Cruor Circle, a coven of dark druids led by a blood hag, has taken over control of the local alseid herd with the power of the blood. Within the forest, those who do not make proper sacrifices are stalked by the alseids and taken to the Bloodwood. Within the Bloodwood, captives become blood sacrifices, empowering the creation of sap demons, blood ponds, and other twisted products of the dark druids.

Cover of Temple of Blood
Temple of Blood
Level 1
16 pages

Over the top low level dungeon takes you through the sewers to stop a blood worshiping madman his Kobold minions.

Cover of Warpath of Gruumsh
Warpath of Gruumsh
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
48 pages

In this level 3 adventure, the heroes face off against a band of orcs who live on islands in a pool of their orc god's blood. Warpath of Gruumsh is part 2 of the Litany of Arrows adventure path, following up on the platinum-selling Castle of Corellon adventure. This can very easily be run as a standalone adventure. Warpath of Gruumsh contains three versions of each full-color map (untagged, player's map and DM's Map), original artwork, one page of new magic items, and full entries on 6 new monsters, including mithral dragons and blood moon harpies.

Cover of The Mud Sorcerer's Tomb
The Mud Sorcerer's Tomb
Levels 10–14
20 pages

From the magazine: "The last dungeon that many heroes will ever see." This dungeon crawl was based on the original S1 Tomb of Horrors. This is not an adventure for neophyte adventurers. Many traps, puzzles, and monsters exist to kill the party. However, the treasure of the mud sorcerers may be too tempting to pass by! An AD&D adventure for a party composed of 6-8 characters of levels 10-14.

Cover of Tower of Screaming Sands
Tower of Screaming Sands
Level 7
37 pages

A Pathfinder/3.5 Compatible Adventure for 4 level 7 PCs Deep within the blasted desert wastes a mysterious black tower has been sighted. The structure is not marked on any known map and has not been seen in this location by travellers in the region, yet there it stands. The adventurers set out to explore this ancient, isolated tower that appears ripe for the plundering. Within they face a gauntlet of insidious traps and supernatural horrors. The deeper the adventurers delve, the more secrets of the tower’s origins they uncover. The tower’s sinister creator does not rest easy in his arid grave – the adventurers must face him if they are to survive the Tower of Screaming Sands. Also included in “Tower of Screaming Sands”: Five deadly new traps: The Chamber of Ten Thousand Teeth, The God’s Grasp, Chamber of Flooding Sand, Hall of Arcing Blades and Descending Stone Block. A new monster – the scorpion swarm. Rules for whirlwinds, a new magical hazard GM tips for running overland travel.

Cover of The Mad Manor of Astabar
The Mad Manor of Astabar
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
17 pages

You have few complaints this night as you rest in the common room of the Crooked Crow Inn. While winter has passed, the night air carries enough of a chill to make any hearth a welcome sight. The village of Havehollow is typical for this part of the realm. Livelihoods made from farming and livestock with a few merchants and the Inn catering to travelers along the kingsroad. Good folk who know that hard work is what's needed to make it through harsh times. As you finish your meal you notice a fellow traveler, a rave haired woman, walk to the front of the common room with lyre in hand. She plucks a few practice cords then breaks into song. Seasons come and go Moons wax and wane Time seems so slow To the spirits of Havehollow... This is an introductory adventure for 3-5 characters levels 1-3 but can easily be adjusted upward. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am not the original creator! The original can be found here: As a note, for Astabar himself I found he was an underwhelming boss for 1st level characters, reccomend making him have Flesh Golem stats

Cover of The Submerged Cavern
The Submerged Cavern
5th Edition
Levels 6–7
7 pages

In a cavern lying beneath the surface of the ocean is a series of trials awaiting any heroes who think they are worthy. Come meet the ancient tortoise who wants nothing other than to try out his riddles, partake in the bullywug tournament with such exciting events as Wig-Wag-Woe, and face down the wrath of a mindflayer. Contains multiple uniques puzzles and riddles to give your players a challenge beyond combat.

Cover of Crypt of the Pale Vein
Crypt of the Pale Vein
5th Edition
Levels 1–9
1 pages

The chapel, once populated by the priests and priestesses of Eldath has now been desecrated by cult of necromancers who sought its secrets to prolonged life. They soon discovered the bodies of the chapel’s clerics they slew, and those interred in the catacombs below, were unnaturally strengthened and preserved by the chapel’s white waters. Their bodies were soon used to create powerful undead. Seeing this desecration of her followers, Eldath stemmed the flow of her life-giving waters. The cultists remain in her chapel, seeking to corrupt the well and harness its powers for their vile plans.

Cover of The Museum and the Watery Caves (Level Three East)
The Museum and the Watery Caves (Level Three East)
Medium Level
30 pages

A museum of the Mad Archmage, it contains curiosities and treasures from all over the multiverse, and the challenges of the Watery Caves, which are a series of living caves connected by an underground river. This adventure can be used as an expansion to the Castle of the Mad Archmage mega-dungeon adventure, or as a stand-alone adventure.

Cover of The Clockwork Tower
The Clockwork Tower
5th Edition
Level 3
4 pages

"The Clockwork Tower" is an azza gremlin lair suitable for five 3rd level characters. This adventure can be completed in one session.

Cover of Eye for an Eye
Eye for an Eye
3rd Edition
Levels 1–8
26 pages

A stolen jewel leads to the heart of the swamp, where one man’s thirst for vengeance threatens to destroy an entire town. A D&D adventure for 3rd-level PCs but adaptable for levels 1–8.