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DLQ2 Flint's Axe
Levels 2–4
32 pages

Follows DLQ1 Knight's Sword. Rumors are circulating that Flint's axe has been seen around Hillhome. It is up to the player characters to solve the mystery and find the legendary battle axe of one of the Heroes of the Lance.

Chaos Reaver
Levels 5–7
25 pages

In the dark days of the Chaos War, a band of heroes sets forth to recover the famed Chaos Reaver - a sword said to possess the power to banish creatures of Chaos from the land. Converted to 3.5e from the original SAGA version published in Polyhedron UK #7 (2000).

Cover of Unchained!
Levels 6–10
15 pages

From the magazine: "We gnomes built this wonderful dragon but now the darn thing seems to be out of control." The party meets a hapless gnome tinkerer who's mechanical dragon has gone haywire! The construct is possessed by a spirit named Ahmoras. The party is led to a town called Gnomevale on the way to Mount Nevermind. Finding the town devastated by the automaton, the party follows in the wake into the mountains. The party has many ways to defeat the automaton, ranging from brute force to tricking the spirit of Ahmoras out of the construct.

Cover of DL1: Dragons of Despair
DL1: Dragons of Despair
Levels 4–6
32 pages

The beginning adventure to the Dragonlance, War of the Lance series of adventures, upon which the Dragonlance novels are based. The companions meet in the Inn of the Last Home to discover a barbarian couple with a mysterious staff. The PCs journey to discover the staff's history which leads them to a ruined temple to the Forgotten Gods. Includes a full map of Xak Tsaroth and overland maps, some color. Art by Jeff Easley.

Cover of Between a Dragon and His Wrath
Between a Dragon and His Wrath
Levels 3–5
10 pages

"Between a Dragon and His Wrath" is an adventure for a well-balanced party set in the lands of Nordmarr. Although the adventure is best set a generation after the War of the Lance, the DM should have little trouble placing it in other times in Ansalon's history.

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