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Cover of Sangkon Bhet
Sangkon Bhet
Low, Medium Level
5 pages

Beneath the jungle-covered ruins of an ancient human temple lies a small outpost of grell that have taken to hunting the nearby area by night. Sangkon Bhet is a fairly typical example of a small grell outpost; the monsters occupy convenient ruins or caverns for a time as they search out new places to move a colony that has over hunted its previous locale.

Cover of Palace of Sweet Dreams
Palace of Sweet Dreams
5th Edition
Levels 2–4
23 pages

Drawn by greed or curiosity the adventurers enter the strange ruins of castle of madmen. Terrible monsters stalk the hallways, but the greatest challenge is not merely to survive but escape with their sanity intact. The Palace of Sweet Dreams sends the adventurers on a different and challenging dungeon exploration, where wits and smarts will be key to survival. Those who the masks may seem harmless ... An adventure for 2nd-4th level adventurers. The adventure contains new monsters and magical items to keep your players on their toes and let them discover how magical items can present their own adventures. Originally from the Danish convention Fastaval as part of the living campaign, Hinterlandet. Now presented here for the first time in English. It is an adventure with emphasis on exploration and meeting the unknown.

Cover of Grasp of the Emerald Claw
Grasp of the Emerald Claw
Level 6
33 pages

Deep in the jungles of Xen'drik, a relic of great power has lain hidden for thousands of years. Now, determined adventurers race against time and the nefarious agents of the Order of the Emerald Claw to locate the relic, overcome unimagined obstacles, and unlock its ancient secret. The Order's hunt for the parts of an ancient creation pattern nears its conclusion, but other groups also seek this powerful item. Once all of the pieces come within close proximity of each other, the ancient intelligence awakens. Suddenly all parties have a new and powerful enemy to contend with...

C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan
Levels 5–7
30 pages

This module was originally used for the AD&D Tournament at Origins '79. Your party is lost! You should never have abandoned the ship and struck out into the marshes, but your pursuers were closing on your trail, and it seemed the only way. Stumbling onward through the fens, your party makes for higher ground ahead. As you cross the ridge, you see a clearing before you. There in an ancient ruin - a worn and overgrown pyramid fills the courtyard, shining in the moonlight, seeming almost brighter than the moon itself.

Cover of Escape from the Forge of Dumathoin
Escape from the Forge of Dumathoin
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
21 pages

This 4 hour adventure for 3rd level characters begins in a prison cell where the adventurers must figure out a way to escape, acquire weapons and armor to defend themselves more effectively, and most importantly, escape a repurposed dwarven forge that has been appropriated by a fire giant who uses slave labor and even a captured red dragon wyrmling to smelt ore and forge an arsenal under the volcano Mt. Hotenow.

Cover of Tomb of the Scorpion Prince
Tomb of the Scorpion Prince
5th Edition
Level 8
4 pages

"Tomb of the Scorpion Prince" is a venomous mummy lair suitable for four or five 8th-level characters. The infamous Scorpion Prince ruled his domain centuries ago, but the lands are still desolate, a testament to his poisonous influence. His terrified subjects rejoiced in his death but also feared he would return if not interred properly. To ensure the prince's happiness in the afterlife and his tomb's security, his people erected a great monument and created trap-filled chambers to house and protect his body and his wealth.

Cover of The Nexus Spore
The Nexus Spore
5th Edition
Levels 3–7
7 pages

The Nexus spore is an intriguing Underdark adventure that can be sewn into any subterranean setting. This one-shot production was designed with long campaigns in mind, for when you want to break up the narrative to keep things fresh and interesting. This short adventure is ideal for players of level 5-7, although, much like the length of the adventure, it is easy to adjust. The adventure fits well into a single long session, or 2-3 short sessions. It comes complete with maps, stat blocks, boxed descriptions and a rare magic item.

Cover of Hungry Are the Dead
Hungry Are the Dead
Levels 6–7
36 pages

The logging town of Falcon’s Hollow has been through rough times—first a kobold tribe abducted the town’s children for an evil ritual, then an unknown force reanimated the defeated kobolds to attack the town. Now a horde of zombies approaches and a mysterious evil gathers power in the north, tainting wildlife and the buried dead, its presence hinting at ancient evils better left undisturbed.

Cover of Planar Bandits
Planar Bandits
4th Edition
Level 13
6 pages

A cadre of githyanki has come to the world in search of rich plunder and soft targets. It has set up a base in the lower levels of an abandoned fortress ruin. A caravan of travelers spotted a githyanki while it hunted for food. Rumors of an invading army from the Astral Sea quickly spread through nearby towns, and the PCs have arrived to investigate.

Dreadful Vestiges
Levels 4–7
13 pages

"When the hunters become the haunted" A priest of Helm summons an unlikely ally.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #32: The Golden Palace of Zahadran
Levels 14–16
48 pages

While investigating rumors of a dangerous blue dragon wreaking havoc in the deep desert, the heroes tumble under the sands into the magically sealed dome of an ancient palace. The temporarily weakened dome reseals above them, and they are left to explore the golden palace of Zahadran, once seat of power for the legendary Caliph Ardishir the Magnificent. But the dome is weak because it has been assaulted by the mythical storm demon Azi Dahaka and his trapped minions, evil creatures that were sealed under the magical dome to keep them from ravaging an unsuspecting world.

Cover of Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands
Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands
Levels 1–2
97 pages

A ruined monument to folly and ego, the Shadowed Keep stands atop an isolated bluff deep in a mist-wreathed forest. Sacked by marauding goblins decades ago the place was thought abandoned, but shadows now creep among the forest's great boles and footprints have appeared on the single, overgrown track leading to the keep. Travellers have begun to disappear with alarming regularity from the nearby road and the local folk fear some slumbering evil has claimed the ruin as its own. Dare you brave the terrors of the Shadowed Keep to crush that which lurks within or will darkness shroud the surrounding lands? Designed to be easily inserted into a GM's home campaign, Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands is an excellent starting locale to test the mettle of neophyte adventurers. Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands is designed for the medium advancement track. 1st-level PCs completing all the challenges of the place can expect to reach 3rd-level by the time they have exhausted all the keep has to offer.

Cover of Dungeon Crawl Classics #93: Moon-Slaves of the Cannibal Kingdom
Dungeon Crawl Classics #93: Moon-Slaves of the Cannibal Kingdom
Level 2
24 pages

Far to the west, beyond civilized lands, lie the Tolomak Islands— volcanic peaks covered in pestilential jungle and bestriding sunken ruins. The legends say the Tolomaks are home to treacherous witches, ferocious cannibals, moon demons, and worse! Wise are those who steer well away from these accursed jungle isles, but not everyone is wise… For the legends also speak of power unimaginable and treasures beyond the limits of mortal avarice. Now, under the light of the triple moons, a band of intrepid adventurers sails ever nearer the islands. With luck, they will escape with a fortune; without it, they may not keep their souls.

Cover of Slave Vats of the Yuan-ti
Slave Vats of the Yuan-ti
Levels 3–5
18 pages

From the magazine: Edging along the eastern edge of the Mere is the High Road, a vital and well-traveled route linking Waterdeep to the northern town of Leilon and, north of that, the city of Luskan. Over the past several months, the trade toad between Waterdeep and Leilon has been plagued by monsters from the Mere of Dead Men. Caravans report brutal attacks by lizard men on catoblepas mounts, yuan-ti, gargantuan bullywugs and will o' wisps. Sir Justin Melenikus, a Waterdhavian knight and paladin of Helm, has grown weary of these attacks and offered his services to the city, offering to hire adventurers to deal with the problem.

Cover of Rivers Run Red
Rivers Run Red
Level 4
100 pages

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 4th-level characters, this volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path is part 2 of 6 of the Kingmaker Adventure Path, in which the heroes win and defend a small kingdom from threats foreign and domestic. PCs should advance to 7th level by the end of this adventure. The PCs receive a shipment of funds, materials, and colonists from Brevoy and beyond, along with instructions to build a town and attract more pioneers to their nascent country. Having already explored the northern reaches of their new domain, the PCs must now venture into the wilds to bring the rule of law to the south. Wicked fey inhabiting a ruined keep, undead haunting an ancient barrow mound, and others must be defeated to make the region ever more secure. Along the way, the PCs might also have the opportunity to ally themselves with some of the region’s local residents, including the dryad druid Tiressia, her satyr consort Falchos, and a band of gnome explorers called the Narthropple Expedition. In addition, the PCs will be called upon to mediate between two rival factions in the area: a group of independent loggers and the angry fey sorceress who opposes them. As they explore, evidence that a group of trolls is stirring up trouble in the region becomes apparent. Meanwhile, the PCs must deal with events within their burgeoning kingdom—a rabble rouser seeks to oust the PCs from their positions of power, the secretive cult of the hag goddess Gyronna has infiltrated the town, and a werewolf is preying on the townsfolk. All of these events build to the adventure’s twin climaxes: the sudden assault on their capital city by an owlbear of unprecedented size and the expansion of Hargulka’s trolls into the north. Faced with danger on multiple fronts, the PCs must draw upon all of their resources and bravery to become the undisputed rulers of the Greenbelt.

Cover of Black Flames
Black Flames
Levels 3–6
122 pages

A simple trip from Urik to Raam: What could be easier? But unexpected encounters and freakish sandstorms conspire to make this journey more dangerous than imagined. Lost and dying of thirst, your characters unwittingly involve themselves in a strange mission-the motivation behind which lies hidden. On the adventurers' trail are enraged dragons, desert fiends, and a curse that threatens to drive them mad-or make them one of the walking dead. Their only hope is to enter the ancient ruins of Yaramuke, site of a great battle between sorcerer-kings of ages past. Yaramuke?City of Black Waters. The very name curdles blood. Designed for four to six characters of 3rd to 6th level, Black Flames is set in and around the remains of Yaramuke and the cities of Urik and Raam. Let your Dark Sun game characters experience new adventure among the ancient ruins of Yaramuke!

Cover of The Ruins of Nehk'Talosh
The Ruins of Nehk'Talosh
5th Edition
Levels 4–5
4 pages

Off in the wilderness are the ruins of a temple that once belonged to the God of Balance, Tyr. It has long been abandoned by the traditional followers, but it is certainly not empty. A few clever individuals have found a way to harness the magics that still reside deep within this holy place and are attempting to use it to give life to an Iron Golem. The party must stop them at all costs or have a powerful monstrosity released into the hands of some terrible individuals.

Cover of B1-9 In Search of Adventure
B1-9 In Search of Adventure
Levels 1–3
160 pages

The best of the B-series modules, presented as an epic adventure series set in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos Setting. In Search of Adventure is a grand 160-page compiled collection of parts of the first nine B-series D&D Basic Set modules. TSR #9190, from 1987

Cover of The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde
The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde
Levels 1–5
32 pages

An ancient gate to the abyss lies undisturbed in the Valley of Obelisks. Sinister forces seek to reactivate the gate for their own ends, can the heroes stop them in time?

Chaos Reaver
Levels 5–7
25 pages

In the dark days of the Chaos War, a band of heroes sets forth to recover the famed Chaos Reaver - a sword said to possess the power to banish creatures of Chaos from the land. Converted to 3.5e from the original SAGA version published in Polyhedron UK #7 (2000).