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Cover of Death House
Death House
5th Edition
Level 1
12 pages

This adventure introduces characters to the land of Barovia. It expands what we know about the lands around Castle Ravenloft and sheds new light on the dark past of the castle’s lord. Players will investigate mysterious happenings in a small haunted house in Barovia.

Cover of The Skinsaw Murders
The Skinsaw Murders
Level 4
60 pages

The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path continues! A sudden string of brutal killings terrorizes the town of Sandpoint, and the killer's mark bears a familiar shape. Investigation leads to the Lost Coast's most notorious haunted mansion, a dilapidated ruin that has become the lair of a monstrous murderer. Yet this killer is but one of many, a member of a group of fanatic cutthroats calling themselves the Skinsaw Men. To defeat the cult, the PCs must travel to the bustling city of Magnimar to unravel the sinister source of these murders before they become the Skinsaw Men's next victims!

Dzeebagd: Under Dark and Misty Ground
Levels 2–4
34 pages

Characters track the kidnapped Evanna to a goblin outpost with a dungeon underneath. They must successfully infiltrate the stronghold to rescue her and get out, before the goblins can mount a counter offensive against them.

Cover of The Sewers Beneath the City
The Sewers Beneath the City
5th Edition
Levels 1–9
1 pages

Deep beneath the city streets lie the sprawling tunnels of a derelict sewer. Under the command of a vicious ringleader, a posse of thugs have claimed a forgotten undercroft as their own. In a shadowy mockery of the city’s grand markets above, they have set up their own trade, dealing in flesh to vile creatures and evil men

Cover of Into Ivy Mansion
Into Ivy Mansion
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
11 pages

Our heroes are approached by Tristan Harpell, an entitled young mage and heir to a suite of rooms in Ivy Mansion, the ancestral home of the Harpell wizard dynasty. His inheritance is “infested” with the wacky experiments of his dead great-uncle, Siegfried Harpell, and Tristan needs the party to clean things up. The party will have many wild and bizarre encounters while digging through Siegfried Harpell’s derelict magical concoctions - and along the way they might even discover the astonishing truth behind Siegfried's disappearance! Into Ivy Mansion is a Dungeons and Dragons one-shot adventure for a 3rd-4th level party. It features exploration, role-playing and thrilling combat encounters...

Cover of Cassomir's Locker
Cassomir's Locker
Levels 1–7
20 pages

Part 2 of the "The Devil We Know" campaign arc. Cassomir's Locker is a Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 7th level characters (Tiers: 1–2, 3–4, and 6–7). The Pathfinder Society dispatches you to the catacombs called Cassomir's Locker to find the source of a rat cult breeding monstrous vermin. After clearing Cassomir's dank sewers and delving into the dirty dungeons below, will you find the artifact that powers Cassomir's Locker or bring about the destruction of Taldor's most important port?

Cover of SPA2: Goblins vs. Kobolds
SPA2: Goblins vs. Kobolds
5th Edition
Level 3
41 pages

The party is caught between warring goblin and kobold gangs, occupying an abandoned dwarven mine. Will the heroes ally with one of the sides in this quarrel, try to make peace between old enemies, attempt to eliminate both sides, or achieve their goal stealthily and unnoticed? The choice is completely theirs! A 4-hour adventure for two 3rd level characters. Small Party Adventure: Though the party size of 3–5 characters is considered optimal in D&D, there are times when you can only gather one or two players at most. This adventure is designed exactly for such occasions.

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