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Beneath the Twisted Tower
Levels 1–3
48 pages

An introductory adventure set in and under Shadowdale after the Time of Troubles. The subject of the adventure is the tunnels connecting to to Tower of Ashaba that are rumored to connect to the underdark.

Cover of Mini-Dungeons 1: Caves (3-in-1 adventure bundle)
Mini-Dungeons 1: Caves (3-in-1 adventure bundle)
5th Edition
Levels 3–8
34 pages

Mini-Dungeons #1: CAVES! 3 extraordinary and original adventures in one affordable bundle! This is a collection of three mini-dungeons. They can be run as stand alone one-shot delves, or you can use the tie-in suggestions to link them together as a mini-campaign climaxing in a glorious dragon battle! 1. Lizard Folk Tunnels - APL2 to APL5 2. The Cavern of One-Eye - APL4 to APL7 3. The Lair of Frostingbite - APL5 to APL8

Cover of Dragon Hunters
Dragon Hunters
Level 7
20 pages

Fort Akor has come under attack by a dragon, but when the PCs seek out the beast in the surrounding jungle they discover the dragon may be the least of the fort’s troubles. The Pcs travel to Fort Akor, where they learn that the fort has been under attack by a dragon (which is really a tyrannosaur). Prince Henri asks the PCs to slay the dragon attacking his fort before it causes further damage. If the PCs investigate the fort before setting out after the tyrannosaur, they may discover the hidden corpse of its hatchling. They may also discover the truth behind the fort's dark history. Tracking the "dragon" to its lair and slaying it for Prince Henri forces the characters into conflict with a faction of the centaurs living in the jungle, who disposed the hatchlings corpse at the fort. Discoveruing the truth of the prince's conflict with the jungle natives might lead to an alliance.

Cover of Oss'Ithek
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
28 pages

Part 4 of the Serpent Isle Campaign or a Standalone Adventure A Slumbering Serpent Hidden in the thick rainforest of Serpent Isle is a crumbled yuan-ti citadel. These foul snakefolk have been dormant for decades, but have been awoken in order to fill out some foul prophecy. Delving deep into their most sacred temple; Oss’Ithek, is the only way to uncover the dark secret which they hold so dear. Do you have the nerve to face the serpent?

Cover of Serpent Isle
Serpent Isle
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
68 pages

On Shadowed Shores In a land few have heard of, and fewer still have visited, lies untold adventure, treasure and fame. The renowned Captain Farsail has sent out word that she will undertake an expedition to Serpent Isle, but is in need of a crew. Anyone able to hold a sword or cast a spell is welcome, but be warned, the island is as deadly as it is beautiful.

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