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Cover of The Shrieking Caverns
The Shrieking Caverns
5th Edition
Levels 2–5
6 pages

Deep in these caverns overrun with all sorts of foul creatures are two sister hags. Once of the same coven, they now have a bitter rivalry but both refuse to the leave these caverns they call home. The cave received its name thanks to the terrifying sounds that echo through it. Some say it is just the wind brushing against the stone but the rumors all speak of two horrifying sisters casting curses and performing diabolic rituals with human sacrifices in a never-ending hatred. Heroes will face goblin, hag, bat, hook horror, and other terrifying monstrosities deep within the tunnels of The Shrieking Caverns. This dungeon does not contain any of the puzzles from the puzzle section, though there are a few situations the players will find themselves in that will require more than phsyical strength. That being said, this dungeon contains many combat encounters and is expected to take multiple nights to complete.

Cover of FRQ3 - Doom of Daggerdale
FRQ3 - Doom of Daggerdale
Levels 1–3
33 pages

A missing evil priestess, a mage-lord's crypt curse, a plague. and possible Zhentarim involvement: all the elements of a rousing advanture in one place! Where do your characterrs sign up? step right this way, won't you?

Cover of The Lost Places: Vault of Kuvgar Stonebeard
The Lost Places: Vault of Kuvgar Stonebeard
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
23 pages

A nearly forgotten dwarven kingdom once ruled these mountains. Its rulers were wealthy beyond compare. Time and greed wore the kingdom to dust and now all that remains are ruins and wonders. Recently coins of that ancient kingdom have appeared in the streams of the foothills to the south of the mountains. Rumors have passed with tankards of ale that a vault laden with gold is waiting to be found. You and your friends, on a fortnight's furlough from guard duty, have set off in search of this lost horde.

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