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Cover of Eye to Eye
Eye to Eye
Levels 8–12
68 pages

Deep below the surface lies an ancient beholder city called Ilth K'hinax. In times past, hundreds of beholders called it home - until simmering rivalries within their society exploded into warfare. The few survivors fled, leaving the city deserted for hundreds of years. However, the story of Ilth K'hinax's glory was passed down from one generation of beholders to the next. Now, after countless years of self-imposed exile, the beholders are back! After securing the city, the hive mother of Ilth K'hinax implemented a plan to wipe out all the beings living above it. Unfortunately for the beholders, several facets of the hive mother's plan have been revealed through the exploits of a party of adventurers. Now, this group of heroes must meet eye to eye with Ilth K'hinax's newest occupants in an effort to stop the hive mother's pernicious plan! "Eye to Eye" is the last of three adventures featuring the nightmarish beholder. It can be played as an individual mission or as part of the series that began with "Eye of Pain" and continued in "Eye of Doom."

Cover of The Jade Hare
The Jade Hare
Level 1
8 pages

At just 8 pages, with lots of illustrations, this adventure is much shorter than most TSR-published modules of the era (mid-90s). It is a very simple D&D adventure. It features a macguffin quest that immediately pushes the players into a dungeon crawl through the five-and-a-half-page "Dungeon of the Mad Warlock". The idol of old, The Jade Hare, as been taken from the Dar el-Tamyya, stolen by Goblins, who strangely enough killed no one. Abdullah, the old man who cared for the statuette remembered that about a month ago a stranger has asked if he might purchase the Jade Hare. Though he offered much gold, Abdullah of course refused the offer. Whom Abdullah describes the other villagers recognize as Abu-Ghabar, the mad warlock who lives in the hills. He is rumored to have built a dungeon there. Who knows what strange purposes the mad warlock has for the Jade Hare? In any case, the precious statuette's theft is an intolerable strain on the honor of the village and all the tribe therein. A party must be assembled to confront the warlock. This party may consist of none other than yourselves. Won't you save Dar el-Tamyya's ancient honor, and thwart whatever sinister plans the warlock has? TSR #9259, published 1992

Cover of The Great Modron March
The Great Modron March
Levels 1–10
129 pages

THE NEXT MARCH WASN'T DUE FOR ANOTHER 189 YEARS. TRY TELLING THAT TO THE MODRONS! On a regular schedule, the Great Modron March spills out of Mechanus, and the lawful automatons files their way around the Great Ring. No one knows why they do it, but everyone stays out of their way - because when the modrons march, they'll walk right over a berk who doesn't know enough to move aside. But this March has started decades before it was supposed to begin, and that's even more of a mystery. Caught unprepared, the planes shudder under the modrons' collective footsteps - and even the modrons themselves seem a little out of sorts. The Great Modron March anthology features 11 adventures for characters ranging from 1st to 10th level, as well as new information about the modrons of Mechanus. Each adventure can be played separely or linked together to form an extended campaign. The modron procession touches every Outer Plane in turn - and it isn't always welcome. On their unswerving path, the clockwork creatures will destroy celestial towns, be attacked by evil knights intent on using modron parts in foul experiments, and lead characters onto the deadly plains of the Abyss and into the famous prime-material labyrinth of Undermountain. Without help, they'll be lost in the swirling chaos of Limbo or even fail to complete the March entirely. And along their route, every blood on the planes seeks the answer to the most important question: Why have the Modrons abandoned their normal, lawful schedule to march years before they're due?

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