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Cover of Circus of the Stars
Circus of the Stars
5th Edition
Levels 9–10
18 pages

A 4-hour adventure for 9th-10th level characters A sleepy lakeside village wreathed in fog, rumors of a lake monster, local disappearances, a band of assassins terrorizing the city, and a travelling circus sideshow that seems to be at the center of it all. “Come one, come all to the greatest show in the world! Step right up, ladies and lords, to see the wonders of the natural and unnatural world! Trained monstrosities from across the globe have been gathered for your amusement and examination! Strongmen, jugglers, acrobats, and sword swallowers join exotic acts and foods from the four corners of the known world and beyond! You, my friend, have the privilege of witnessing the spectacle, the amazement, the wonder of the circus of the stars! Step right up and buy your tickets now before they're all gone! Limited seating is available and no one will be seated once the show has begun!”

Cover of Dead of Winter
Dead of Winter
5th Edition
Low Level
8 pages

Dead of Winter is a 1st-level adventure It is designed as a side quest for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition As the adventurers are traveling a lengthy road between destinations, a bitter winter storm blows in. Lucky for them, there is a small roadside hamlet just ahead, where the party can take refuge from the harsh elements. The mood in the local tavern is grave, as this is a sad night for the villagers. It is the first anniversary of the murder of a town hero; A murder that was never resolved. Strange events begin as soon as the adventurers arrive and will lead them to clues which just may solve a year old murder and lay an anguished soul to rest.

Cover of Sellswords of Punjar
Sellswords of Punjar
4th Edition
Level 1
44 pages

This module is a great starting module and is easily thrown into a larger campaign. The Beggar-King has started taking over Punjar, once ran by the thieves guild. The Beggar-King has started sacrificing people to an unknown entity. The PC's will fight there way from the slums into the tower in which the Beggar-King has taken up residence only to find he isn't all human and must be destroyed. This module is part of the dungeon crawl classics series where any and all NPC's can be killed.

Cover of The Lost Portal
The Lost Portal
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
20 pages

The Tranquil foothills of the Sword Mountains are quickly plunged into chaos, as a series of earthquakes spread their way through the region. Adding to this danger, bands of vicious, flesh-eating monstrosities have clawed out of the shattered earth, attacking travellers and local residents. Rumours of wealth and riches have drawn the adventurers to the area; little do they know that it is not gold and jewels these monsters protect, but a volatile portal into the Underdark with a disturbing secret.

Cover of Shadows on the Long Road
Shadows on the Long Road
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
17 pages

Travellers are going missing on the Long Road, on the 100 mile stretch between Triboar and Longsaddle. Our heroes investigate and discover a haunted mansion with a dark history and a gruesome secret. Their quest brings them to the very gates of hell itself, where an infernal abomination presents them with their greatest challenge yet... This is a 4-6 hour adventure for 3rd-4th level characters. Inspired by a Clark Ashton Smith story.

Cover of A Delve in the Cave
A Delve in the Cave
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
22 pages

Something lurks in the shadows inside the caverns under the hill called Brin Brenin. Ancient enemies of mankind have returned for revenge, starting with the tomb of a long-forgotten hero. Somewhere inside are answers to forgotten questions, deadly monsters, and hidden treasures.

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