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Cover of Terror in Freeport
Terror in Freeport
Levels 2–5
47 pages

This adventure can be used as stand-alone or continuing the arc started by Death in Freeport. Terror in Freeport leads the PCs deeper into the intrigue they began to glimpse in Death in Freeport. The investigation takes them from the corridors of power to the bowels of the underworld, with terrifying insights into who really controls the city. They discover that the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign has its claws in the town's power elite, but thanks to some clever camouflage by Sea Lord Drac. they may not find out just whom the serpents control until it's too late. As the adventure begins, the PCs are contacted once more by a very nervous Brother Egil. He tells them that while staying with Lucius one evening, he awoke to find a burglar in the roomstealing a scroll. Egil is certain that the Brotherhood have penetrated further into Freeport than anyone imagines. He wants the PCs to investigate Milos's other ties to the city and find out what's being done about the temple of the Unspeakable One. The PCs search the cultist's lodgings and discover it has been carefully gone over, and several possibly incriminating books are missing. But the burglars overlooked one thing: a Tome with a diagram of the Lighthouse of Drac sketched onto the back page, marked with the letter V. Upon leaving Milos's lodgings, the PCs come upon a gang of orcs beating up a hapless messenger. They lend a hand, only to discover they've been tricked - the messenger makes off with Milos's book! A chase through the back streets leads them to the boarded-up building the y discovered in Death What they find isn't encouraging. There is a guard posted out front, courtesy of "V"- -Verlaine. head of the Captains' Council. Meanwhile, down below, the cultists continue to have the run of the caverns-— in fact, they have been shipping their unholy relics to Verlaine's own home!

Greger's Grotto
5th Edition
Level 1
50 pages

Somewhere in your campaign world there is a rugged, isolated coastline. Along that coastline are a series of natural caverns. In those caverns live a small community of pirates and outlaws: Greger’s Grotto. The main feature of Greger’s Grotto is a large underwater cave, where less-than-legal ships can moor out of sight of navies and coastguards. Here they can trade in stolen and illegal wares and stock up on provisions. All for a small fee, of course. The other attraction of Greger’s Grotto is the arena. Like anyone, bandits and thieves desire entertainment. For generations the Greger family has turned a profit by buying slaves and beasts and setting them on one another in the arena. These bloodsports don’t turn a direct profit, but they do encourage the Grotto’s lawless visitors to stay longer or return more frequently than they might otherwise. And more visitors means more fees. The PC are the newest lot of slaves forced to fight in the arena. Can they survive the arena combat, and the harsh prison lifestyle? Will they ultimately be able to escape?

Cover of A4 In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords
A4 In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords
Levels 4–7
36 pages

Trapped in the dungeons of the Slave Lords! The hardy adventurers must find a way out, with only their wits and courage to help them. But can they do it before everything is destroyed by the dreaded Earth Dragon? This module contains a challenging scenario for experienced players, the tournament scoring system, and nine fully-equipped playtested characters. Also included are large-scale referee maps, playing aids, notes, and background information. A4 is a complete adventure in itself, but can also be used in conjunction with A1 (SLAVE PITS OF THE UNDERCITY), A2 (SECRET OF THE SLAVERS' STOCKADE), and A3 (ASSAULT ON THE AERIE OF THE SLAVE LORDS).

Trouble in Threshold
Level 1
? pages

The Heroes are relaxing in an inn when they hear a scream, rushing outside they find that a local merchant has been kidnapped! The merchant's wife saw the assailants drag him into an alley, where the heroes give chase. Following the villains through a maze of natural fissures, tunnels, and ancient ruins they encounter a number of monsters, traps, and puzzles. Eventually they make their way to the kidnappers hideout, where they confront the kidnappers in a final climatic battle to rescue the merchant and uncover a criminal gang.

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