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Cover of The Lost Places: Iron Keep
The Lost Places: Iron Keep
5th Edition
Levels 5–8
30 pages

First the bandits attacked then the Roc carried away the guide. Since then you have blindly followed the camels hoping that their instincts would lead you to water or help of some kind. You and your friends are lost in a sea of sand. Plodding along in the shadow of the camels and doing your best to stay alert. Ahead the heat shimmers take shape. This time it is a castle. Blinking away the dryness in your eyes you realize that the tower is not a mirage but it is broken. An adventure for 5th-8th level characters

Cover of Empty Graves
Empty Graves
Level 4
91 pages

Following the opening of its necropolis, the city of Wati is overrun by hordes of the unquiet dead. The heroes must once more brave the abandoned streets and dusty tombs of Wati’s necropolis in search of the powerful artifact called the Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh, as well as the necromancer who is using it to create the undead uprising. But mysterious masked cultists also seek the artifact so they can bring a pharaoh from the ancient past back to life. Can the heroes defeat the evil necromancer and return the deceased to their graves, or will Wati truly become a city of the dead?

Priestly Secrets
Levels 2–4
20 pages

Something's rotten in Restenford! The adventure is set in the town of Restenford but with a little work can be adapted to fit almost any setting that features pirates (or once did).

Cover of Risen from the Sands
Risen from the Sands
Level 3
16 pages

The deserts of Osirion—land of pharaohs and ancient tombs—hide not just untold wonders, but also unspeakable dangers. When the vast sand dunes part to reveal the ancient pyramid of the legendary Pharaoh of Sphinxes, glory seekers from across many nations race toward it, each fighting to be the first to claim its wonders. But the storied pharaoh doesn't rest quietly within this monument, and his tomb was designed to slaughter any who would dare trespass.

Slaughter at Splinterfang Gorge
5th Edition
Levels 4–6
72 pages

Many years ago a brutal bugbear chieftain united the goblinoid tribes of the Meirlara Forest and nearly wiped out all traces of the elves there within. A stroke of chance fate turned the tide and the dreaded bugbear warlord Spragnokk was defeated. His loyal kin hid his body away in a sealed chamber and then the world forgot about Spragnokk... until now. Now his bloodline continues, and they have plans to resurrect their fallen "great chieftain," to bring ruin and revenge upon the elves that handed them defeat decades past. The goblinoid tribes have once more been gathered, and their bloody revenge is imminent, except fate has yet once more placed new champions to stand in their way. They just don't realize it yet.

Cover of Temple of the Gleaming Sands
Temple of the Gleaming Sands
Level 5
9 pages

Temple of the Gleaming Sands is a short adventure for four 5th-level characters that features monsters, spells, and items from the newly released Sandstorm book. You can use this scenario to introduce the new material on deserts and arid wastelands into your campaign, or you can just use it as a site-based adventure in a desert area. The scenario is set in a remote area of the desert that very few humanoid travelers visit. The temple from which the adventure takes its name has lain forgotten for centuries and is now inhabited only by monsters who use it as a base. The area around the temple should be inhospitable enough to discourage humanoid settlement.

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