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Cover of Killer Kobolds!
Killer Kobolds!
5th Edition
Levels 8–12
39 pages

A high octane, edge of your seat, seat of your pants, run and gun thrill ride for your 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game. Life was peaceful in the pleasant village of Thornyfoot… until the Kobolds of nearby Crag Canyon started kidnapping their kids! Now the distraught villagers turn to a rag tag group of adventurers, who just happened to be having a drink at the local inn, to save the day. Do your heroes have what it takes, the right stuff, the metal, the intestinal fortitude, to fend off the Kobold Hunting Drakes, face the Kobold Commandos, take down the Kobold Air Cavalry and yes… defeat the Kobold Covergirl with the Gun? Will they climb the treacherous canyon, survive the forest gauntlet, storm the fortified keep, raid the dastardly dungeon and thwart the big bad evil nefarious kobold plot? Or will they die a horrible, brutal, violent, traumatic, explosive death? There’s only one way to find out. Killer Kobolds! Action just leveled up. Killer Kobolds is designed for a party of four to eight characters of levels 8 through 12, but could readily be tweaked to accommodate parties of lesser or greater strength. Intentionally set in an entirely generic small village in need, Killer Kobolds can be easily dropped into any Dungeons and Dragons setting. Recently updated with a Yawning Portal cameo, the content within fits perfectly into any Tales of the Yawning Portal campaign, slotting perfectly between White Plume Mountain and Against the Giants. Additionally, it could readily be worked in to your Tyranny of Dragons, Elemental Evil, Rage of Demons or Storm King’s Thunder campaign. Featuring original art by Glen Cooper, a gorgeous (as always) cover by Dean Spencer, a hi res map pack with fully spoiled, spoiler free, gridded and grid free maps, and original thrills, spills and chills galore, Killer Kobolds should provide 12 to 15 hours of outstanding dice rolling excitement.

Cover of Crown of the Kobold King
Crown of the Kobold King
Levels 2–3
36 pages

The crown of the kobold king will be anointed in blood. Five children from the town of Falcon’s Hollow have gone missing, dragged off into ruins underneath a cursed dwarven monastery. Soon they will be sacrificed to the crown, all to the glory of the twisted King of the Kobolds. If they are to be saved from this gruesome fate, brave heroes must follow their trail to the monastery and plumb the depths of its trap-laden and monster-infested halls.

A Bit of Blood
5th Edition
Level 1
12 pages

A mission to find a rare recipe ingredient for a local wizard. The recipe to fashion that magic item calls for a few drops of fey blood. Hmmm...where in the world can that be found?

Cover of The Marrow Mines
The Marrow Mines
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
3 pages

The Marrow Mines is an adventure for four 1st-3rd level PCs. "I was taken by the evil dogs while camping near Agav's bog. They dragged me into their lair, and it wasn't until I escaped that I knew the truth of the place: a great and bony wing buried in the side of a hill. They chained me in the dark with a candle made from foul wax and forced me to dig at the marrow. Their bonds were poorly made, and I fled several days later while they slept. What purpose did they have in mining that marrow? I cannot say..." The Marrow Mines are dug in and around the fossilized wing of an unnamed leviathan. A small pack of kobolds lives and works in the mines, which are heavily trapped. The kobolds defend the area fiercely and patrol the region around the mine. At night, a handful of urds make aerial surveys of the territory. The urds live in the deep reaches of the wing's tips.

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