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The Coming Plague
5th Edition
Levels 4–7
6 pages

When a vile and mysterious plague strikes the city of H'vari, the Satrap orders a quarantine until the disease is cured. The PCs become trapped in a city in the throes of an epidemic.The players must venture into seedy tenements, walk among the dead and dying, uncover the unique symptoms and find a cure. Will the players solve the mystery behind the pestilence or will they themselves succumb to the coming plague... "The Coming Plague" is a four-hour adventure for 3-6 players. It is written for characters of 4th-7th level. The PCs are trapped in a plague-ridden city until they discover the source of the disease, a vile Otyugh. This module includes a two hand rendered maps and a new goddess to add to any pantheon. ...the vile Otyugh busts from the water and lashes out with it's disgusting, ropy tentacles! It's howls and bleeps are like nails on a chalkboard. It seems happy that a fresher meal has come along...

A Second in Time
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
5 pages

A dispute erupts between a trade ambassador and a wealthy merchant and the players are hired as champions only to learn that they face a brutal and savvy opponent. Will the players be a second in time? "A Second in Time" is a two-hour adventure for 3-6 players. It is written for characters 1st-3rd level. The players act as a champions in a harsh blood sport that is as much the court of a river city as it is entertainment. This module includes a new poison, a new type of item and a rudimentary rule for addiction. The river city of Lotian is a rough place, where might often means right and the thirst for blood is nigh unquenchable. Gold may be the currency of the realm but justice is paid for in blood...

Ambush at the Boxcar Rocks
5th Edition
Levels 1–20
3 pages

"Ambush at Boxcar Rocks" is a two hour adventure for character level 1-3 (3-6 players) but is easily adapted to challenge higher level PCs by adjusting the spawn rate and the spawn limit. It features one hand-drawn, color map. It can be run as a brutal oneshot gauntlet or a quick side quest to pad the players purses. Deep within the labyrinth of massive, glacier deposited rocks there is a natural cave once used for interring the dead. Now the bones of the pit within stir because of a foolish neophyte. A listless, blood thirsty horde tramples toward daylight and nothing will remain in their wake...

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