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Cover of Jammin'
Level 0
10 pages

From the magazine: "A rotting ship holds the secrets of all the universe, but its crew wants you only for the 'fuel' you carry." This scenario is useful for launching players into a Spelljammer campaign. The players are tasked with investigating a derelict ship that fell from the sky. The ship is captained by a spectre and crewed by a host of undead enemies. Clearing the ship gives the players the possibility of a Spelljammer ship as well as access to several wheel-lock pistols and ammunition (the biggest treasure from the adventure).

Cover of Deep in the Vale
Deep in the Vale
5th Edition
Level 1
13 pages

This adventure is for beginning characters, with a bias toward fighters. Player characters should start Deep in the Vale at 1st level with zero experience points. As they complete each encounter, give them the experience points they earned immediately instead of waiting until the adventure is over. Ideally, characters should gain a level or two (and the hit points and other benefits those levels add) before the characters wrap up the adventure. All of the player characters should have been raised in the Vale. The pleasant valley is a peaceful place where few problems bother the inhabitants. Twenty to thirty years ago, there were wars against orcs and goblins; oldsters of the village still tell stories about those times. But now, life is easy for the people of the Vale—or it was. That is about to change. This adventure is not about acquiring gold and magical treasure. Deep in the Vale presents many situations where fighting is the characters’ best option, but there are many others where characters will be smart to do some roleplaying before resorting to their weapons. At all times, reinforce the idea that the characters’ decisions are affecting the story and that what they do is affecting the lives of people in the Vale. Events of Deep in the Vale should be spread across many days or even weeks. The villains of this adventure aren’t launching an all-out offensive against the Vale; they are raiding, seizing opportunities, and acting on impulse rather than following some master plan. Give players time to think about and discuss the situation between encounters and to make plans for how they should meet the threat. Since days may be passing between encounters, you don’t need to put time pressure on players. Keep the game moving, but don’t push players to make rapid decisions or rash judgments unless the immediate situation calls for it. Between encounters, let players enjoy the usually idyllic life of the Vale. The blacksmith is going to make horseshoes, shields, weapons, and tools. Hunters are going to track deer in the woods to the north. The rhythms of life should continue in the Vale, no matter what problems come to the villagers. At the end of all of these encounters, the Baron over this territory could summon the characters to his castle (in the nearest large town, about 20 miles away) to receive a reward and to be offered a new quest dealing with a problem the Baron is having in another part of his barony.

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