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Cover of X4 Master of the Desert Nomads

X4 Master of the Desert Nomads

PCs follow a river and cross the desert to find an evil abbey. The adventure details a number of wilderness encounters.

This scenario opens in a small village on the border of the Republic of Darokin. The party has answered the call to defend the Republic against the recently unified human and humanoid tribes of the vast Sind desert, bordering Darokin to the northeast. Having missed the departure of the main army, they are tasked with seeking out more information on the mysterious figure behind the enemy armies (the titular desert nomads). In the adventure that follows, the adventurers must tackle a series of wilderness encounters, including journeying up a sluggish river to its source, passing through a dismal salt marsh, crossing an inhospitable desert, and searching for a pass through the high and forbidding mountain chain on the far side of the desert. If successful, the adventure ends at an abbey situated on a mountain spur above the alpine meadows, after which the player characters may proceed with the second module in this series, X5, the Temple of Death.

TSR #9068, from 1983

Written By
David Cook
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Levels 6–9
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