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Vault of the Wyrm Prince

When the fires smoldered in the belly of an
ancient red dragon tyrant, and his thirst had
been slaked by the blood of countless
innocents, the old wyrm made a deal with a
succubus to spawn him a son and ensure his
name would live forever. The demon held
true, though she imbued the wyrmling with
her own infernal blood. Those who fear and
serve the abominable spawn of this pact
know him as the Wyrm Prince. Cast into the
abyss centuries ago by the legendary Three-
River Paladin, the Wyrm Prince licked his
wounds and recovered his strength. The
Three-River Paladin has passed into legend,
and the Wyrm Prince has resurfaced, his
vengeance awakened along with his
hunger. The Wyrm Prince sacked the high
city Zhaldanis, slaying its people and
claiming the greatest gift from the gods—
the Soulstone. At this late hour, you must
venture into the catacombs of the Wyrm
Prince before the Soulstone loses its power
and all mortal souls are damned.

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Dr. Davy Jones
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