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Cover of Tales of Enchantment

Tales of Enchantment

The mysteries and legends surrounding Whispering Widow Woods have always been
enough to scare off the timid. The dense canopy shrouds the forest floor in darkness even at mid-day, and the tangled underbrush inhibits travel and can disorient even seasoned woodsmen.

Lately, though, terrorized residents have described attacks by normally docile creatures, such as black bears. Respected citizens told wild tales of unprovoked attacks by treants, sprites, and brownies. The last two curious souls to venture into Whispering Widow Woods have not returned.

Tales of Enchantment has no mechanism built- in to keep the players on track. That is part of the problem for them to solve. They can go as far afield as their bad judgment takes them, but the farther afield they go, the more trouble they find.

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