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Cover of Slave Vats of the Yuan-ti

Slave Vats of the Yuan-ti

From the magazine: Edging along the eastern edge of the Mere is the High Road, a vital and well-traveled route linking Waterdeep to the northern town of Leilon and, north of that, the city of Luskan. Over the past several months, the trade toad between Waterdeep and Leilon has been plagued by monsters from the Mere of Dead Men. Caravans report brutal attacks by lizard men on catoblepas mounts, yuan-ti, gargantuan bullywugs and will o' wisps. Sir Justin Melenikus, a Waterdhavian knight and paladin of Helm, has grown weary of these attacks and offered his services to the city, offering to hire adventurers to deal with the problem.

Written By
Jason Kuhl
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Levels 3–5
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