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Cover of Road to Urik

Road to Urik

In Road to Urik, the city-State of Tyr has thrown off the yoke of the sorcerer-king Kalak and declared all slaves free, but the neighboring city-state of Urik is amassing its own armies to conquer Tyr.

In the first part of the adventure, the PCs must negotiate with various factions of the city in order to win their support for the war effort. In the second part the PCs leading a scouting force ahead of the main army, and the choices and successes in the first part will affect the troops they lead here. Finally, they will need to fight and lure away the Urik army's own scouting force, letting the army of Tyr ambush them. The second and third part make heavy use of the Battlesystem rules, which were pushed pretty heavily in the early Dark Sun books.

Like many Dark Sun adventures, the module makes heavy use of handouts that come in a flip-book along with the main adventure.

This adventure is a sequel to Freedom. It stands on its own, but the plot of the adventure is based on the events of Freedom and the novel the Verdant Passage, so you can't really run them in reverse order. Much like Freedom took place concurrently with The Verdant Passage, Road to Urik takes place just before the events of The Crimson Legion, the second novel in the Prism Pentad.

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Levels 4–7
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