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Cover of Ra’s Evil Grin

Ra’s Evil Grin

Ra’s Evil Grin challenges adventurers of at least 11th level who are
seeking a powerful magic item—the globe of Arden. If a different item
suits your campaign better, another appropriate powerful item can be
substituted as the final objective. This dungeon culminates in a battle with
Dendorandra, a lesser marilith known as a dark daughter.
As a lead-in to this adventure, the GM may use a map from another
treasure hoard showing the location of the globe (detailed more fully
in “The Legend of the Globe of Arden,” below) or a priestly tome
describing Arden, the long-dead avatar of Ra, and the wondrous powers of
an unknown artifact called the globe of Arden. Such a tome might mention
that the globe emits rays as intense as those of the sun, destroying all
they touch. In any event, characters should need to consult with sages and
oracles to determine the location and history of the globe and dungeon.
A sage could also provide a map to the dungeon’s location, referenced in
the “The Legend of the Globe of Arden,” below. We set the dungeon on a
small, remote island far across the sea, but you can relocate it to suit your
This dungeon provides numerous puzzles, a few traps, and only two
monsters. Those monsters, though few in number, should challenge and
threaten even the most combat-hardened party—particularly after the
party encounters all the vicious creatures that inhabit the Island of the

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