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Cover of Queen with Burning Eyes

Queen with Burning Eyes

Take your first exciting foray into D&D's newest campaign setting with a deadly exploit in Sharn, City of Towers. Descend into the ruined undercity to face the legacy of the daelkyr, aberrations from the evil plane of Xoriat, and come face to face with the Queen with Burning Eyes!

"The Queen with Burning Eyes" is an adventure set in the world of Eberron. Designed for six 1st-level PC's, characters who complete the entire adventure could read 3rd level by it's climax. This adventure is intended as a follow-up to "The Forgotten Forge" the 1st-level adventure in the Eberron Campaign Setting. Brand new adventurers can still play this adventure, but they'll need to retreat to rest and recover their strength more often. In any case, you should allow characters to level up during the course of this adventure.

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James Wyatt
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