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Cover of Night of the Vampire

Night of the Vampire

This is a short adventure that can be played in a session or two. It features a lot of investigation and mystery combined with occasional combat. It is set in the high society of nobles with all the power struggles and machinations of politics. The plot revolves around a vampire working in secret.

The adventure starts when the party shipwrecks of the coast of Karameikos. The party is then invited to stay at the nearby Vandevicsny Manor. The local lord, Gustav Vandevic, is hosting a party the following day to celebrate that his niece has become betrothed to the son of a neighbouring noble, and the adventuring party is invited to attend the festivities.

The following day starts off with tournaments of archery, swordplay and horsemanship as most of the guest arrives. During this tournament the party might offend a neighbouring noble who then challenges the offending character to a duel. The duel ends without fatalities. Later on a tea party is hosted by the lady of the manor. In the evening a feast is held.

During this time it becomes clear that all is not as it seems. The nobles are harbouring hatred towards one another, and the Vandevicsny famlily line seems to be cursed.

The day ends with a masquerade. Soon after the masquerade has started, the noble who fought in the duel is found dead. Not long after, another noble is attempted assassinated. After a while it becomes clear that a vampire is on the loose and the hunt starts. But who is hunting who?

The adventure ends with a showdown in a secret crypt, centuries older than the manor.

Please note that the original boxed set contains an audio CD, and that the version available through DM's guild contains no audio supplement. Though the adventure can be played without the audio supplement, I highly recommend acquiring the original boxed set, with the CD, as the soundtrack on the CD is an important part of the adventure.

Even though the adventure is set in the Mystara campaign setting it can easily be adopted to other settings like Forgotten Realms.

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