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Lich-Queen's Beloved

In this adventure the heroes invade Susurrus, the palace of the githyanki lich-queen and attempt to end Vlaakith's reign forever. The adventure begins when Zetch'r'r, a githyanki warlord petitions the heroes to confront and destroy Vlaakith. However, the lich-queen's spies know of Zetch'r'r's treachery and are preparing to deal with him and the PCs.

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Levels 16–20
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  • General change request by @panjandrum.
    4 years ago

    Missing a lot of detail:

    Starting Level Range: High

    Min Starting Level: 18

    Does not include handouts, tactical maps, or characters.

    Boss Monsters: Lich, Githyanki

    Common Monsters: Githyanki, Githzerai, Red Dragon, Beholder, Zombie, Bronze Dragon, Fire Elemental, Vrock, Deva

    Items: Spellbooks, Lion's Shield, Assassin's Dagger, Ring of Protection, Boots of Speed, Manual of gainful exercise, Manual of quickness in action, Manual of bodily health, Tome of clear thought, Tome of understanding, Tome of leadership and influence, Ring of Counterspells, Rod of Wonder


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