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Cover of Emeralds of Highfang

Emeralds of Highfang

Wise rogues join the government, where their larceny has the cover of
“legality” and the cash comes in heaps and piles from deceitful receipts
and pocketed procurements rather than in small, bloodstained purses from
breaking windows, scaling walls, and risking traps and long-fanged guard
Wise rogues do not, by choice, go up against towering giants armed
with clubs larger than the tallest rogue in the guild. Nor do they try to nick
treasure from dragons without a group of powerful fellow adventurers
behind them, who can hurl mighty spells, hack and hew toe to toe with
an angry wyrm, heal the injured, and (when things go as they usually do),
resurrect the dead.
There are wise rogues, and then there are player characters. Emeralds
of Highfang awaits them with open arms, offering special challenges
and rewards to rogue characters—but as always, the prospects are much
better for a party of adventurers from a variety of classes, with wide skills
and experience, and of high level. Some might find that a broad base of
experience is not only helpful, but essential for survival.

Written By
Ed Greenwood
Published By
Frog God Games
Publication Year
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Includes Characters?
High Level
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