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Cover of Death in Dyrgalas

Death in Dyrgalas

In ancient times, the area now known as the Dyrgalas Fens was home
to a flourishing civilization of nature worshippers who wrested a living
from the forest around them, built open-air temples, and generally did
well. Over the centuries, a series of natural disasters (some say a series
of foolish magical experiments) led to a rising water table and turned the
forest into a vast swamp.
As the water rose, most of the people left. Today, a few stalwart humans
remain in the fens, living off the land through hunting, fishing, trapping,
and even some agriculture. In addition to these honest folk, the Dyrgalas
has some less savory residents, including both black and green dragons,
trolls, hags, escaped criminals, and a host of lycanthropes. Most of these
creatures prey on travelers foolish or unlucky enough to enter the fen, and
sometimes raid both inside and outside the fen.
This adventure, intended for characters of levels 6 to 8, deals with
one group of raiders who make their lair in the Dyrgalas. A weretiger
called Gavriil has formed a group of assorted lycanthropes into a band
of cunning brigands. The lycanthropes favorite caper involves infiltrating
a merchant caravan while posing as travelers, merchants, or swords for
hire, then attacking it from within. Gavriil and his servants also take on
kidnappings, murder for hire, and any other unsavory tasks that come their

Written By
Skip Williams
Published By
Frog God Games
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Levels 6–8
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