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Cover of Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

This adventure is meant for characters of levels 4 to 6. The default
setting is the Barony of Loup-Montagne, but any remote, heavily wooded
principality with highly superstitious residents will do.
The Barony of Loup-Montagne is a remote region of densely forested
hills cut by steep-banked streams, rocky outcrops, and darkly shadowed
dales. Any similar area in your campaign world can fill in, with or without
the French-sounding names used here.
The center of Loup-Montagne is the town of Roulune. It is home to
about five hundred residents in roughly eighty households. Roulune
is hardly a metropolis, but it is the biggest town for miles around,
thanks largely to the remoteness of the region. Only a few roads of
any consequence pass through the town: the main route is a trade road
through the tangled, wooded hills that dominate this region. Baron
Chaput exacts a toll on traders who use the road, in exchange for
keeping it safe from bandits and monsters. The toll is not excessive
and most traders pay it willingly, because the road is considered safe,
by and large. Incidents of robbery and violence along the highway are
rare within the barony.

Written By
Steve Winter
Published By
Frog God Games
Publication Year
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Levels 4–6
Boss Monsters and Villains
Common Monsters
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