A Dungeon and a Dragon

A Four to Six Hour Adventure for 11th-16th Level Characters in Dungeons and Dragons 5E

The Adult Green Dragon Valturnax has attacked the nearby village of Hartsvale, threatening to destroy them completely if they do not submit to his rule by nightfall. To save the town, adventurers must ascend the mountain by climbing through the caves housing the dragon’s minions and face him in his lair – and they need to do so before the sun sets.

This adventure is meant to be quite challenging. Enemies know the adventurers are coming and have had time to prepare, and they do so intelligently. This adventure draws some inspiration from Tucker's kobolds.

As an added bonus, this adventure is available completely for free.

Written By
Chris Bergman
Published By
# Of Pages
System / Edition
5th Edition
Setting Neutral
Dungeon Cave
Starting Level Range
Min. Starting Level
Max. Starting Level
Battle Mats?
Includes Characters?
Boss Monsters and Villains
  • Green Dragon
Notable Items
  • Bag of Devouring
  • Goggles of Night
  • Brooch of Shielding
  • Glasses of Minute Seeing
  • Ring of Swimming
Common Monsters
  • Dragon Dragon
  • Goblin Humanoid
  • Green Dragon Dragon
  • Hill Giant
  • Hobgoblin Humanoid
  • Kobold
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