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Cover of The Jade Hare

The Jade Hare

At just 8 pages, with lots of illustrations, this adventure is much shorter than most TSR-published modules of the era (mid-90s). It is a very simple D&D adventure. It features a macguffin quest that immediately pushes the players into a dungeon crawl through the five-and-a-half-page "Dungeon of the Mad Warlock".

The idol of old, The Jade Hare, as been taken from the Dar el-Tamyya, stolen by Goblins, who strangely enough killed no one.

Abdullah, the old man who cared for the statuette remembered that about a month ago a stranger has asked if he might purchase the Jade Hare. Though he offered much gold, Abdullah of course refused the offer.
Whom Abdullah describes the other villagers recognize as Abu-Ghabar, the mad warlock who lives in the hills. He is rumored to have built a dungeon there.

Who knows what strange purposes the mad warlock has for the Jade Hare? In any case, the precious statuette's theft is an intolerable strain on the honor of the village and all the tribe therein. A party must be assembled to confront the warlock.

This party may consist of none other than yourselves. Won't you save Dar el-Tamyya's ancient honor, and thwart whatever sinister plans the warlock has?

TSR #9259, published 1992

Written By
John Nephew
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